Attack on Titan: Anime Confirms Mikasa Is Jean’s Dream Girl

Attack on Titan’s newest episode just released with some huge surprises, confirming that Mikasa is the one who Jean wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Survey Corps and Marley Soldiers sat down to resolve their differences, while Reiner got punched by Jean after he learned the truth about Marco’s death. However, the most shocking scene came at the opening of the episode where fans saw Jean dreaming about how he would like to live his life in the future. In the dream, we see Jean sitting in a balcony, while his wife is in the house playing with their son.

And his dream girl doesn’t just look like Mikasa, but it is definitely her. Mikasa had a cheek scar beside her left eye, which she got when Eren accidentally attacked her, when he Transformed in his Titan form for the first time. In today’s episode, you can see Jean’s dream women has a scar exactly like Mikasa.

Jean always had a crush on Mikasa. The first time Jean saw Mikasa, he blushed and complimented her on her long hair. Obviously, Mikasa did not pay attention at that time, because Eren was on her mind all the time. Fans also got to know that before even meeting Mikasa first time, Jean dreamed about a girl just like her. This was shown an OVA episode.

Obviously, not all the fans agree that the women in Jean’s dream is Mikasa Ackerman, because Mikasa already has Eren. But given the current situation we don’t know if Eren will come back alive. Here are some of the fan reactions on this new Attack on Titan episode:

Not Up For Debate

Just Like Mikasa

What are your thoughts on this recent development in the story? Do you see Mikasa marrying Jean in the future? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. Attack on Titan final season part 2 is scheduled to release on next Sunday.

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