Attack on Titan: Final Episode of The Series Has Been Delayed

The official website of anime adaptation of Attack on Titan revealed that the final episode of the series (episode 87) will be postponed due to a special program which will air at the time slot.

Credit: Studio Mappa

The final season of Attack on Titan is now half way done with only 6 more episodes to air. Each episode is getting crazier than the previous, however, there has been a slight change in the episode schedule. The final episode of Attack on Titan series was supposed to air on March 27, but it has been delayed 1 week due to a special program. The New release date for the finale is now April 3rd.

The official website of Attack on Titan anime did not reveal what this “special program” is about. According to some fan speculations, there might be an announcement about the Attack on Titan movie in this special program. Or, there could be some production issues as well, as one of the Attack on Titan director tweeted about his overwork.

It was also revealed that Attack on Titan episode 84 which is scheduled to air on March 6th, will be delayed for 10 minutes on NHK TV Japan.

Attack on Titan anime is based on a manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The author started the manga series in September 2009 in Bessatsu Weekly Shonen magazine. The final chapter of the manga was released in April 2021. A total of 139 chapters of the manga is collected in 34 volumes. The first 3 anime seasons of Attack on Titan are animated by Wit Studio. The fourth (also the final) season is animated by Mappa Studio.

Source: Official Website

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