Attack on Titan Final Season 2nd Part: Everything You Need To Know

Updated on January 7th, 2022

Attack on Titan final season part 2 is now just few days away, and the official website has released a preview and synopsis for the 1st episode of the final season.

Episode Preview

Attack on Titan final season part 2 episode 1 is titled “Judgement”. A soldier is lying down in the rain. Next to that, that man crawls out of the steam of a mysterious titan … Around that time, Marley launched a surprise attack in Shiganshina Ward, the place of origin, and the titans also started to move. Then, the founding titan and the armor titan confront each other again. “Come, Riener”.

How Many Episodes Will Part 2 Have?

It is being reported by many unofficial sources that final season part 2 will only have 12 episodes, which is pretty short if they production committee wants to adapt the whole manga story. There are also rumors that story will end on manga chapter 131, and rest of the 8 chapters will not be adapted into anime, however, there is no official confirmation yet.

Release Time

The first episode of the final season part 2 will be released on January 10, 2022 at 12:05 AM (JST). As for as the international viewers, here is the exact release time:

Pacific Time (US & Canada): 8:35 AM (Jan 9)

Philippines Time: 12:35 AM (Jan 10)

Indian Time: 10:05 PM (Jan 9)



The final season part 2 staff includes:

Animation DirectorManabu AKITA, Daisuke Niinuma
Character DesignTomohiro Kishi
3DCG directorMotoi Okuno, Subaru Ikeda
MusicKOHTA YAMAMOTO / Hiroyuki Sawano


The final season cast will remain the same (and it is literally filled with most talented voice actors industry has to offer) as the previous season:

Eren YeagerYuki Kaji
Mikasa AckermanYui Ishikawa
Levi AckermanHiroshi Kamiya
Armin ArlertMarina Inoue
Gabi BrownAyane Sakura
Falco GriceNatsuki Hanae
Connie Springer
Hiro Shimono

© Hajime Isayama / Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee

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