Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Releasing In January 2022

Attack on Titan final season part 1 ended a few months ago. Thankfully, Mappa has already announced the release month for part 2.

Through the official Twitter of Mappa, it was announced that the Attack on Titan anime series will be coming back one last time in January 2022. Exact release day for the first episode is yet to be announced.

The Attack on Titan manga by Hajime Isayama ended on April 9, 2021, with the somewhat controversial ending. Fandom was divided on how the manga ending should be. It will be interesting to see if fans will get an anime original ending to the series. In Previous seasons, Hajime Isayama changed some things in the anime compared to the manga. Isayama has also said that anime is the final product, so there is a possibility of some changes in anime version.


Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 teaser trailer has been released

Attack on Titan will have a sequel?

At the present time, there is no possibility of a sequel for Attack on Titan. The series editor, Shintaro Kawakubo was asked a question during an interview that, is there any chance of Attack on Titan spin-off or a sequel? The editor said that we have received many requests for a sequel, but we regret to tell you that this is not possible. Hajime Isayama is pretty exhausted right now, so even his next serialization is undecided.

Release Date

Attack on Titan final season part 2 is scheduled for Winter 2022. No exact day has been announced yet.

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