Leaks: Attack on Titan Manga Reveals The Fate Of Alliance

It is that time of the month again where we speculate what is going to happen in the next chapter of the Attack on Titan manga and considering that the second last chapter of Attack on Titan will be published in few days, fans are anxious to know the fate of their favorite characters.

On Twitter, a post has gone viral which discusses the possible plot of Attack on Titan manga chapter 138. Keep in mind that no leak source has been provided in the post so take this information with a grain of salt. Here are some of the important points revealed in the following post:

  • The title of the chapter 138 is Humanity’s New Dawn
  • Zeke has gone to paths. He is not aware of his surroundings and is not is human form
  • Historia birth a baby.
  • Reiner was heavily hurt during the exp*osion and d*es after Armin rescued him
  • The parents and citizen are crying and Mr.’s Braun thinks that her son is alive and a hero
  • Ymir has gone back to paths but the titans she called remained
  • Falco’s Titan is knocked from the sky by a jumping titan and the scouts go flying
  • Levi lands hard on the ground and can not get up.
  • Jean tried to catch Pieck but his line got caught and a horde came after them
  • Connie was grabbed mid air by a titan and cru*hed in its jaw. Gabi screams and Falco came and rescue her
  • Armin has a monologue about losing faith and that everyone will have to sacr*fice to give the world a future
  • It cut back to paths where Ymir meets Eren and scene shows the resemblance to Historia’s baby
  • Next panel shows Mikasa, Jean and Pieck fighting till the end while Ymir explains that the world begins new and the chapter ends with Armin opening his eyes

After analyzing the latest leaks and considering that they are true, we can safely say that Attack on Titan is not getting “The Power of Friendship” ending as some fans were expecting after manga chapter 137 where it looked like Eren was defeated.

Attack on Titan chapter 138 is set to be published on 9th March and the last chapter of the series will be published on 9th April. Attack on Titan series is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. First three season of the anime were produced by Wit Studio while Studio Mappa is animating the final season of the series.

Source: Helosjean

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