Author claims that light novel only needs attractive waifus to get an anime

A Twitter user who describes themselves as “an account who supports those inspiring to be a light novel author” and claims to be a light novel author themselves, regularly post suggestions for new inspiring authors.

Through their Twitter account, the author recently posted an another suggestion that in order for a light novel to get an anime adaptation, it isn’t important to have a good story but having good Waifus is the key to get an anime.

Here is what they tweeted:

“A light novel will get anime adaptation easily if three heroines appear from the beginning! Light novel are stories that are strongly supported by their characters and the merchandise of the characters should be strong as well. Also, the voice actors community is already too big to underestimate, so it’s an important point to keep in mind. It is easy for publishers to push your work for an anime adaptation, if you keep these points in mind”

The author further tweeted:

“If you think that “If I write whatever is in your mind, it will become a light novel” than you are wrong. It is a trap that new authors fall into. It is necessary to incorporate a mechanism that will entertain the readers”

Given the recent adaptations of many light novel series, this might be the right advice for people who want to write their own light novel in the future. Recent adaptations of light novel include Mushoku Tensei, The Detective is already dead, Remake Our Life, and Spirit Chronicles.

What is your opinion on this matter? Does having attractive waifus really a big deal for anime watchers as well?

Source: Twitter

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