Black Clover Chapter 369 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Lucius Embraces Loss!

After four months of waiting, Black Clover chapter 369 spoilers have arrived.

In August 2023, Black Clover unfortunately moved from the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine to Jump GIGA.

This caused quite a stir on the internet, and with that, Black Clover was moved towards the seasonal schedule. Now, Black Clover is scheduled to release a chapter once in three months.

In chapter 368, the Black Bulls made a dramatic entry while being powered up by Asta’s Black Magic to save Yuno and Yami from Lucius and his clones.

Here are Black Clover Chapter 369 spoilers!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of @Nitebaron on Twitter/X!

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Black Clover Chapter 369 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with Asta and Yuno declaring together that they will become the Wizard King while Lucius stands in front of them.

Lucius has made clones of himself, and Yuno and Asta are going to battle with two of them, going on one. The fight against the clones continues, and Yuno and Asta remain dominant.

Lucius number 11 joins the fight and levitates numerous giant stones from the ground. The chapter cuts to a flashback of the Black Bulls meeting Ichika for the first time.

Asta introduced Ichika to them as Yami’s sister, and everyone is shocked. Finral thinks Ichika is cute, while Gauche says Marie is more cute. Ichika explains Asta’s anti-magic is being shared with them, creating a pseudo-anti-magic with their magic.

On the next page, Lucks uses his pseudo-anti-magic to waltz toward Lucius.

According to Ichika, anti-magic has a finite usage, depending on how someone distributes the amount. Luck attacks Lucius from behind as he lets his guard down.

Lucius is about to shoot down Luck, but Magna arrives and saves him in the nick of time. Thanks to Asta’s pseudo-anti-magic, both of them receive a massive power-up. With Manga’s spell, Lucius’s Mana is now divided into three.

Lucius’s healing has been slowed down, and he understands if he can run out of magic, Magna and Luck can run out of anti-magic, too.

The fight drastically continues, and half of the anti-magic is left. Magna and Luck launch a full-scale attack of a Black Flame Ball, which totally devours Lucius.

With this, one of the 11 Lucius clones has been defeated. The chapter concludes with Luck and Magic as the winner of their battle.

Black Clover will return three months later, in Spring 2024. Black Clover Chapter 369 is scheduled for December 25, 2023.

For now, there is no information on what source the chapter will be available to read. However, you can read all of the released chapters on the Mangaplus app.

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