Black Clover Manga Will Now Only Release A New Chapter Every 3 Months

After repeated interruptions in the release of the Black Clover manga, it became clear that the author, Yuki Tabata, was struggling to maintain the pace of weekly chapters. As a result, the series will be departing from Weekly Shonen Jump.

black clover manga leaving shonen jump

Since its inception in February 2015, the Black Clover manga series has been a regular feature in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. However, it will now officially transition to Jump Giga.

The health of the author of “Black Clover” has been a growing concern for manga readers, especially as he began taking more frequent breaks over the past year. This concern was further fueled when Asta’s character was removed from the banner of the Weekly Shonen Jump website, leading fans to speculate that the series might be ending abruptly or relocating to a different publication.

black clover leaving weekly shonen jump
WSJ Website banner with no Asta

On August 17, these speculations were put to rest when the official confirmation came that “Black Clover” would be moving to a new magazine, Jump Giga after the Weekly Shonen Jump issue 38.

For those unfamiliar with Jump Giga, it’s a seasonal magazine that releases a new volume every three months, corresponding to the seasons of Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn. The magazine features the spin-off and one-shot manga series alongside some promotional material from Weekly Shonen Jump.

The move from Weekly Shonen Jump to Jump Giga means that fans will have to wait three months to read a new Black Clover chapter.

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Black Clover Author on Manga Transfer

Yuki Tabata has shared his thoughts on the transfer, expressing that the increasing demands of a weekly schedule have clashed with his situation as a manga author.

He apologized for the sudden move and for not being able to finish the serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump. However, he believes that with GIGA, he can approach the climax of Black Clover in a more optimal condition. He reassured fans that there are still many stories he wants to draw and asked for their continued support.

The good news is that Yuki Tabata will have more time to work on the Black Clover manga, which will likely lead to an increase in quality. Fans can also expect longer chapters, potentially with more than 60 pages, compared to the weekly chapters that typically range from 18 to 25 pages.

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