Blue Lock Chapter 233 Spoilers: The Key x The Mastermind

After overhauling the match together, Hiori and Isagi are on the pace to conclude the match once and for all. Blue Lock Chapter 233 will be titled “Key” and will quite likely serve as the chapter that will bring us to a conclusion of the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers Italy.

Blue Lock chapter 233 spoilers

Like every other manga, Blue Lock spoilers are also released regularly every week, and today, we will be covering them in this article! The previous chapter of the manga series concluded with Hiori fueled up and now looking forward to Isagi’s goal.

However, before we talk about the available spoilers of the Blue Lock series, here is a concise recap of Blue Lock Chapter 232!

Blue Lock Chapter 232 Recap:

Blue Lock Chapter 232 sets off the final kickoff between Germany (Bastard Munchen) and Italy (Ubers Italy), where the match is now set to conclude in the old-fashioned 3-2 manner.

The king of the field, Baoru, is taking a different approach and is trying to press the players of Germany.

On the other hand, Ness is luring Barou to draw in so Isagi can have an insight into the goal, but before their plan can initiate, Kaiser stops Ness and steals the ball from him.

Hastily running towards the goal, Kaiser attempts to score a goal, but Lorenzo from Bastard Munchen blocks the incoming ball with his face.

Everything is just proceeding as Isagi predicted, and the ball lands right on his feet after bouncing off Lorenzo’s face. However, before Isagi can even get a chance to shoot, Oliver steals the ball from him.

With a turn of tables, Hiori arrives and steals the ball from Oliver, and after a few moments, Niko barges in and dribbles the ball away from Hiori.

Isagi is doing everything on his own now, and watching him makes Hiori fuel up and more determined than ever.

The chapter ends with Barou taking the ball towards the goal and Hiori trying his best to reach it before he scores a goal to conclude the match.

Here is everything that you need to know before diving into the spoilers of the next chapter, i.e., chapter 233. Now that it is concluded, here are the spoilers and raw scans of Blue Lock chapter 233!

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Blue Lock Chapter 233 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

Blue Lock chapter 233 spoilers have been released. The chapter will be titled “Key” and will mainly focus on Hiori and his determination to become the person who will make Yoichi Isagi the next king of the field, officially dethroning Barou. The chapter begins by welcoming us to a flashback of Hiori’s back story.

In the flashback, Hiori shares a moment with his parents when he fell and hurt his leg. A conversation between Hiori’s parents begins, and they are worried that Hiori broke his leg, but somehow he was saved.

The flashback ends, and the chapter cuts back to the present, where Hiori realizes that no one is loved for being who they are.

Everyone is loved because of their ‘talent,’ and now, he is only playing football to keep his family stable so it will not break apart.

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After his realization, we are welcomed by another flashback where Hiori converses with Karasu, who teaches Hiori the importance of self-love and self-respect. But, the way Hiori has been cursed by his parents, he only took part in Blue Lock to escape his parents.

Cutting back to the game between Bastard Munchen and Italy Ubers, everyone is surprised by Barou’s rapid movements. Hiori realizes why Barou is loved this much.

The way he plays, his determination, selfishness, and the desire to win make him “King of The Field.”

However, Hiori realizes he is the ‘key’ to making Isagi Yoichi the next King of The Field, as he can become the best striker in the world and dethrone Barou once and for all. The match continues; Ubers Italy follows their co-ordinations so Bastard Munchen cannot steal the ball from them.

After multiple intense situations, Hiori finally discovers his desire (ego.) The chapter ends with Hiori linking up with Isagi to conclude the match!

Where To Read Blue Lock?

Blue Lock is only available to read in physical form with the Weekly Shonen Magazine, released every Wednesday, and in tankobon volumes.

The English localizations for the tankobon volumes are provided by Kodansha US to make it easier for everyone.

Blue Lock Chapter 233 officially comes out on Wednesday, September 20, 2023!

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