Blue Lock Chapter 235 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Hiori Yo Against Ubers All Alone

Blue Lock has been going strong since the beginning, and the last chapter of the series might have been considered the best entry of the series.

But with the arrival of Blue Lock Chapter 235 spoilers, the series has managed to prove everyone wrong yet again.

Blue Lock Chapter 235 Spoilers

The spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 235 have surfaced. For Blue Lock, the norm for spoiler release is every Friday.

If you are wondering what will happen in the next installment of the Blue Lock manga series before it officially releases, we have got you covered!

However, before we look at the following chapter spoilers of the manga series, here is a recap of significant events that took place in the previous chapter.

Blue Lock Chapter 234 Recap:

The last entry of the Blue Lock manga was titled “Producer” and mainly focused on Hiori and his plans to work with Isagi. As Hiori will be serving as the key to the mastermind Isagi, he has to synchronize his every move accordingly.

Hiori’s maximum potential was revealed thanks to Isagi choosing him as the missing key for his goal. No one knew how good is Hiori at dribbling, and even the enemy team was fascinated by his smooth techniques.

Dribbling the ball away from the enemy team, Hiori passes the ball to Isagi, and suddenly Kaiser arrives right next to Isagi as Isagi tries to shoot the ultimate goal to make his team the victor.

Kaiser shot the ball with him, and because of that, Isagi lost momentum, which led the ball toward Barou, who managed to protect the goal with his magnificent defense.

Both Hiori and Isagi can’t manage to predict Kaiser’s move, and the chapter ends with them realizing that something is missing to score the perfect goal that will make Yoichi Isagi the king of the field.

Here is the recap of the previous chapter, and now, without further ado, let’s look at the upcoming chapter’s spoilers!

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Blue Lock Chapter 235 & Raw Scans Spoilers:

Blue Lock chapter 235 will be titled “The Meaning of Being Born!” which begins with Hiori and Isagi confused as both could not land a goal against Ubers Italy.

Both of them can definitely score a goal, but they are missing something.

The Ubers Italy players pick up and drop the ball to continue the immaculate match.

The first team to reach the ball has more chance of being the victor, and it’s Kunigami vs Aryuu to the ball. Aryuu manages to beat Kunigami with his insane agility.

Aiku and Kaiser patiently wait for the ball to be passed, and Aryuu launches the ball towards both.

Isagi was watching the ball and managed to reach it before Barou could even have a chance to think. The ball is then passed to Hiori.

Hiori is ready for Isagi’s sign; this time, he is much more focused. Hiori remembers his parents in a flashback where they cheer him up as they expect a lot from him.

However, Hiori came to Blue Lock as he hated living up to expectations, and now, ironically, he is trying to live up to Isagi’s expectations.

Isagi wants Hiori to pass the ball toward him, but he still thinks about living up to the expectations.

Isagi calls Hiori loudly to get him out of his head and instantly demands a pass. Hiroi is still hesitating, and Aiku is now holding off Isagi. His Ego is controlling Hiori.

Where Isagi is demanding a pass, his Ego is telling him to shoot. Hiori remembers Karasu’s words that one should always expect and excite himself.

Hiori got a reality check and understands there is no point in running away from his reality.

Passing everyone’s expectations, Hiori shoots for a goal, and everyone present on the field has their jaws dropped.

However, Sendou managed to block the ball before it could score a goal, and if he had just a second late, Ubers Italy would have suffered a significant loss.

Although Hiori now thinks that he was never built for football, his goal made Isagi create a super theory for their victory thanks to his shot.

The chapter ends with Isagi finally making a successful road map that will lead the Bastard Munchen team to the ultimate victory.

Where To Read Blue Lock?

Blue Lock is only available to read in physical form with the Weekly Shonen Magazine, released every Wednesday, and in tankobon volumes.

The English localizations for the tankobon volumes are provided by Kodansha US to make it easier for everyone.

Blue Lock Chapter 235 will be officially released on Wednesday, October 4, 2023!

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