Blue lock Episode 5 Release Date, Time, Preview and Where to watch

Published on November 4th, 2022

Blue lock has been one of the highest-rated anime of the year and is slowly becoming one of the fan-favourite sports anime of all time.

Blue Lock (Japanese: ep ル ー ロ ッ ク Hepburn: Burū Rokku) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yūsuke Nomura.

Blue Lock episode 5

This manga began to be published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, published by Kodansha in August 2018 and has been bundled into seven volumes

The latest episode begins with team Z trying to devise a strategy to win upcoming games since if they lose any forthcoming matches, they will be out of the Blue Lock program and will never be able to play for Japan.

Team Z members try to define their specialties they can use to win games. After noting down evert single member strong points and comes up with the strategy named “Next up, it’s me “

According to the strategy, each member, aside from the goalkeeper and the defenders, will play the role of striker for ten minutes each.

Meanwhile, Kunigami decides to share his meal with Isagi as he was the one who assisted him. The bonus meal was a steak which he gladly shared with him.

On the other hand, their next match is against team Y. Although their strategy worked perfectly fine in the first few minutes.

It wasn’t long until it started to decay and led to the opposition goal scored by Ohkawa, who was assisted by Niko, who was waiting for the correct timing.

However, Isagi was quick to notice why they were losing the match, and the reason was Niko, who was the team’s heart.

Adapting to the situation, he quickly runs towards Niko, takes the ball from his feet, and shoots it towards the goal he was about to miss, but Gagamaru sweeps it in, making it all square.

Release Date And Time

Blue Lock episode 5 is scheduled to be released on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime to North American fans. Muse Asia and Netflix will be streaming the series in selected regions.

Release times for the international audience are as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 9:30 AM PDT
  • Central Time: 11:30 AM CDT
  • British Time: 5:30 PM GMT
  • European Time: 6:30 PM CEST
  • Indian Time: 10:00 PM IST
  • Eastern Time: 12:30 PM EST
  • Philippines Time: 12:30 AM

Episode 5 Preview:

Blue Lock episode 5 preview images have been released.

Where to watch:

The original television network for this anime in Japan is TV Asahi. Its English television network in Southeast Asia is Animax Asia.

Crunchyroll has the license for Blue Lock outside Asia, and Media link has support for this show in South Asia.

Well, the availability of these platforms will depend on your location. So, check out whether it is available for your region or not.

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