Blue Lock Season 2 First Trailer Released: Watch

The first trailer for Blue Lock season 2 just dropped at Anime Expo 2024. This soccer-themed series is set to kick off its second season on October 5, with 14 episodes lined up.

blue lock season 2 trailer

The new trailer reveals a high-stakes plot where the “Blue Lock” project hangs in the balance. The 35 strikers who made it through the tough selection process now face their biggest challenge yet – a match against the U-20 Japan National Team.

But that’s not all. The trailer also teases a tryout for a regular spot on the national team. Talk about raising the stakes!

At the end of the PV, Oliver Aizora, played by Hino Satoshi , also appears.

Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off. Remember those 35 strikers who survived the brutal selection process? Well, they’re about to face off against the U-20 Japan National Team. And it’s not just bragging rights on the line – the entire “Blue Lock” project is at stake.

For those who need a refresher, Crunchyroll sums up the series like this:

“Japan’s desire for World Cup glory leads the Japanese Football Association to launch a new rigorous training program to find the national team’s next striker. Three hundred high school players are pitted against each other for the position, but only one will come out on top. Who among them will be the striker to usher in a new era of Japanese soccer?”

If you’re itching to watch the new season, you’re in luck. Just like the first season, Blue Lock season 2 will stream on Crunchyroll.

Behind the scenes, the anime is based on a manga by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura. Tetsuaki Watanabe is directing, with Shunsuke Ishikawa as assistant director. The series is brought to life by studio eightbit.

With its blend of high-stakes sports action and intense character drama, Blue Lock has carved out a unique spot in the anime world. As the second season approaches, fans are eager to see how the story unfolds and which of these young strikers will rise to the top.

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