Boruto Part 2 Gets A New Name, Reveals Time-Skip Sarada’s Design

It’s the moment fans have been waiting for, new information on Boruto‘s time skip! And Right off the bat, we have loads of exciting new information!

boruto part 2 sarada

With Boruto: Next Generations reaching it’s long-awaited time skip, fans are beyond excited for what the series has lined up. Especially with that how the latest chapter left Boruto’s world turned upside down.

It’s not just Boruto’s situation that’s changed, but just about everything. For starters, the series name! Following the time skip, just like its predecessors, Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, the series has a new name, Boruto Twin Blue Vortex!

Along with the new name and time skip, Boruto will have all new designs and looks for our favourite characters. We’ve already seen what Kawaki and Boruto will look like in what seems to be their final fight, but now we’ve also got our first look at fan favourite Sarada Uchiha!

Created by Mikio Ikemoto, Sarada’s new aged up design has been recieved wonderfully from fans and for all the right reasons!

Although we only see her from the shoulder up, already there are references to both her father’s Uchiha clan with the earrings and also less obvious her mother’s Haruno clan with the choker.

Many fans have also pointed out that with her red and black colour scheme and what looks to be a cloak, she looks alot like her uncle Itachi.

This would make sense as she could potentially play a role very similar to Itachi’s in this new time-skip world, with her being one of the only few to remember the past before Eida’s tinkering.

Thankfully, It seems Ikemoto has learned from his past mistakes in designing Sarada, as the artist finally acknowledged the backlash in a recent interview.

For context, Ikemoto’s controversial design for child Sarada, features an extremely short and revealing mini skirt alongside a pair of heels. An outfit that does not fit her as a kunoichi, let alone suit her as she is only twelve years old in the series.

Though it might be too early to judge, this new outfit seems to be a major improvement.

Fans React To New Sarada

Right after the official Sarada design was made public, fans took to social media and praised Sarada’s new outfit.

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Boruto Part 2 Release Date

Along with the exciting first looks and new titles, the Boruto series also dropped a release date for the next chapter of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, and luckily the wait isn’t too long!

Boruto manga will return on August 21, 2023 which is just next month! Until then, we can probably expect more promotion for the time skip and possibly more new designs to be revealed later down the line! Regardless we here at Anime Senpai are excited! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Until then, we’ll keep you updated on all news, Boruto and everything else! For more news about everything anime and manga, be sure to visit our main Anime Senpai page! We have new articles daily, so check it out! Till next time readers!

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