Boyfriend Spends 3 Months Editing Out Naruto Fillers For His Girlfriend

Naruto and One Piece are probably the most popular anime series in the world (Of course after Dragon Ball), but one of the reasons why many newbies and other anime fans don’t start the series, is because they are just too long. In today’s word, not everyone has the time to sit through hundreds of episodes, and having filler episodes doesn’t help either.

Anime fans know that Naruto anime series has one of the biggest libraries of filler episodes. In 220 episodes of Naruto series, 90 are filler episodes. The situation is worse when it comes to Naruto Shippuden, where 205 of 500 episodes are filler.

However, recently a YouTuber, Oceaniz did the hard work of editing out all the filler material from Naruto, just for his girlfriend. According to Kotaku, Oceaniz has watched My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and many more anime alongside his girlfriend. However, when he offered her to watch Naruto series together, but watching 720 episodes with fillers made it a tough sell.

Oceaniz said that he always wanted to edit out the filler parts, but never found an excuse to do it. However, when they ran out of manga series to watch together, he asked his girlfriend the big question “Would you watch Naruto with me, if I edited to less time to watch?”. After getting a green signal from his girlfriend, Ocean cut was born, and he started working on this project.

Now, some of you already know that there is already a fan project called Naruto Kai, but there were two major flaws in that according to the YouTuber. First, Naruto Kai edits out everything that isn’t strictly manga based, which robs the series of some of the best original moments (like Hinata fighting Pain fighting sequence).

2nd (flaw) is that Naruto Kai is a subbed version, but the Oceaniz household prefers the dub version. “This is a dub-watching household and it’s my preferred version, so I was always going to do it like this. Sorry, not sorry”, Oceaniz said in his video.

Once he started editing, Oceaniz would compile multiple TV episodes in a movie sized video between 50 minutes and 2 hours long, opening were only placed once per video, and the endings were only included when the ‘Boyfriend’ thought they enhanced the viewing experience.

It doesn’t mean that all the fillers were removed from the anime, as Oceaniz didn’t want the final product to be solely an adaptation of the manga. Some fillers are really good, like Kakashi’s face reveal episodes, or Naruto becoming a Hokage, these fillers really add to the character’s personality, so he ended up including few fillers in the final project.

So, now is the time for the big question. How can you access the Ocean cut? Well, as you know that distributing Ocean cut can get the YouTuber in a legal trouble. So, Oceaniz didn’t openly post the link to the Ocean cut. However, in his video, he said that he occasionally posts the link to download Ocean cut on his Twitter (which you are not suppose to follow :)).

Oceaniz told Kotaku that it took him around 3 months to complete the project. He started editing in January and finished in mid March.

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