[Break] Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 187 Spoilers, Release Date & More

Hakari’s all hyped up and ready to go in Jujutsu Kaisen’s latest chapter! Having hit his jackpot he’s bounding with unlimited cursed energy but can he defeat the ancient sorcerer, Kashimo! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we’ll find out this week, as you can tell from the title JJK is on break!

Hold on! Just because the manga is on break doesn’t mean that we don’t have any info regarding the upcoming chapter. We still have the new release date as well as a recap as to what went down in the latest chapter. We have all of this and more, so be sure to read on!

Chapter 186 Recap

Since there’s no new chapter this week there are no spoilers to jump into, hence no reason to do a recap, but let’s still go over what happened in chapter 187. For those unlike myself who may have forgotten.

Coming off of an explosive action-packed chapter we have a lot to go over in chapter 186’s recap. Like Hakari’s interesting fighting style and cursed technique. We see him in this chapter go toe to toe with Kashimo blocking his blows barehanded, despite knowing that his opponent’s cursed energy gives off an almost electrical current.

After trading blows for a while Hakari asks Kashimo his name, upon hearing the name Hakari reacts and asks to use Kashimo’s 100 points if he wins. Kashimo agrees but as he begins to list his own demands Hakari begins to close his eyes as he states that something is coming and that something would be the reward for hitting “jackpot” in his previous fight. And this “reward” seems to be infinite cursed energy.

Now beaming with cursed energy Hakari begins to throw attack after attack at his opponent, without giving a care if they hit. Even after losing an arm Hakari simply grows it back! And right as the chapter closes out an excited Hakari announces that in his current state, he can launch his domain as many times as he wants. And on the very last page of the chapter, the Jujutsu student begins to do just that!

Chapter 187 Spoilers

As you can probably tell, chapter 187’s spoilers are currently not released yet, nor will the chapter be. This is of course because the manga is on break, hence meaning, there is nothing to be leaked. The manga is expected to be back on track next week meaning chapter 187’s spoilers and leaks await us, till next week.

Raw Scans

Raw scans for chapter 181 are not currently available at the time this article is being written. However, if any, do come out we will make sure to update this page.

Release Date

The upcoming chapter was originally scheduled to release as usual this Sunday. However, as stated the manga has been delayed this week, most likely to give Gege Akutami and his staff a well-deserved break. The release date for the delayed chapter is now expected to be June 12th, 2022.

Where To Read

You can read Jujutsu Kaisen officially and for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. Of course, you could also read the series through the recently launched Manga Plus app. Please try to read the series officially, as this supports both the author and allows them to create more stories.

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We will be back next week with even more Jujutsu Kaisen content so stay tuned till then.

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