Chinese Athlete Goes Viral As He Looks Exactly Like Gojo Satoru

A Blind Chinese Paralympics athlete recently went viral as people started seeing similarities between him and Gojo Satoru.

Tokyo Pralympics 2020 which are still ongoing, Paralympic athletes take their sport very seriously and compete as hard as other athletes. In various types of competition, there is also a blind Goalball for the blind.

During of the china’s matches, one athlete became the center of attention for everyone due to him looking a popular anime character, Satoru Gojo. The Paralympian athlete in question is a Chinese Goalball player named Hu Mingayao.

In terms of appearance, height, weight, hair color and mask, Hu Mingayao looks very much similar to one of the popular characters we know and love. Athlete started going viral on a Chinese social media platform “Weibo” as more as more people started talking about him.

After some research it was revealed that the Hu Mingayao hair color is white not because he dyed them, but because his hair color is white due to an illness. He was born in 1995, and selected for the Zeinjhang BlindGoal team in 2009. He participated in national Paralypmics three times and won 3 championships. In 2010, Hu Mingayao represented China in Asian Para Games and won the championship. He was a runner up in 2014 and 2018.

Gaolball is a team support specifically made for athletes with visual impairment. Athletes compete in a team of three members where they try to throw the ball (which has bells inside it) inside the opponents goal. Ball is never kicked with legs and only thrown by hands.

Source: min news

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