Confirmed: JoJo Bizarre Adventure Is Getting A Part 9

August is really a lucky month for JoJo fans. First the release date of Anime got announced and now JoJo Bizarre Adventure is getting a Part 9.

According to a comment at the end of Ultra Jump September 2021 Issue, JoJo Bizarre Adventure will be getting a part 9 titled “JoJo Lands”. It is to be noted that part 9 will start after a short break. JoJo part 8 “JoJolion” will be ending on August 19..

In addition to this announcement, JoJo Bizarre Adventure will be getting its first ever spin-off manga that will be released in Winter. Story of Spin-off will be written by Kouhei Kadono and art will be provided by Tasuku Karasuma. It is to be noted that spin-off manga story seems to be centered around Josuke and Hol Horse.

Previously, JoJo Bizarre Adventure part 8 titled “JoJolion” serialization began in May 2011. JoJolion will be ending on August 19, after more than 10 years of serialization. JoJolion has been collected in 26 volumes as of May 2021. Series is written and illustrated by ┬áHirohiko Araki.

Keep in mind that JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean will be coming to Netflix in December. It will be exclusive to Netflix and anime is expected to release all episodes on the same day.

Source: Twitter

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