Cute Anime Inspired Construction Signs Go Viral In Japan

Anime inspired construction signs go Viral in Japan, after it was posted on a popular Japanese blog site. These adorable signs stood out because they feature cute girls in construction outfit and with a warning message such as “Work in Progress” or “Do not Enter”. This poster also led to a debate that character featured in the poster is a boy or a girl.

Other social media users also shared similar anime inspired construction signs that they have seen near their home or office:

Some poster were even based on a popular series Demon Slayer as well. You can see the patterns of Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise.

One even circulates with a reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion series, where they used the same layout of the promotional posters and the same typeface. It is really surprising to see the popularity of anime even in construction industry.

Some other users found out that these posters are normally sold through online shops. Also, they found out the original design of the poster, which is distributed with the following description “Moe Kyun Poster – No access from this point on”. It can be seen that original description of the product does not specify whether the character on the poster is a male or female.

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