Date A Live Season 5 Officially Announced

After the premiere of the final episode of Date A Live season 4, it was announced that the series will continue the story in season 5. There are no details revealed about the production of the season 5 nor the release date of the upcoming season, but a special illustration celebrating the announcement of season 5, has been revealed, drawn by the light novel illustrator, Tsuanko.

Date A Live anime is based on a light novel series of the same name, written by Kōshi Tachibana and drawn by Tsunako. Light novels also received 5 manga adaptations by Kadokawa Shoten and Fujimi Shobo. The AIC Plus+ studio picked up the light novels for an anime adaptation, which was released in April 2013. The second season was produced by Production IMS, which aired in April 2014. The 3rd season was produced by JC Staff which aired in Jan 2019. Geek Toys produced the 4th season, which aired in April 2022.

The anime series is available on Crunchyroll in selected regions. The streaming service describes the series as follows:

Ordinary high school boy Shido discovers a mysterious girl at ground zero of a recent spacequake. Shido learns, through his sister Kotori, that the girl is one of the Spirits: mystical creatures responsible for the spacequakes. Shido is recruited to help “seal” the sprits and end their threat to mankind. There’s just one catch: the only way to seal a spirit—is to make her fall in love with you.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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