2nd Season of The Detective Is Already Dead Is In Production

The Detective is already dead season 2 production has been greenlit. The official announcement was made during the “MF Bunko J Summer Festival” event. Anime production details will be revealed soon, including the season 2 release date, staff, and cast.

To commemorate the season 2 announcement, a promotional video and poster have been released.

The Detective is already dead anime series is based on the light novel series of the same name, written by Nigojū and illustrated by Umibōzu. The light novels have also received a manga adaptation by Mugiko, who has published the manga in the Monthly Comic Alive magazine since May 2020.

Here is the key visual for The Detective is already dead season 2:

The Detective is already dead season 2 release date

The first anime season was animated by Studio ENGI, also known for Uzaki Chan wanting to hang out anime series. Season 1 is directed by Manabu Kurihara, his first project as a lead director (Manabu is known for his work as a character designer in “Uzaki Chan wants to hang out”). The series composition was done by Deko Akao (who also worked on When will Ayumu makes his move). Yousuke Itou was in charge of character design.

To celebrate the announcement, a special illustration made by Umibouzu (graphic artist for the novels) was shared:

The Detective is already dead season 2 date

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation whether the previous staff will also be returning for season 2.

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 Release Date

The Detective is already dead season 2 is expected to be released in early 2024. There has been no official confirmation on the release date yet, but as mentioned by the official website, more details are coming soon.

In the meantime, let us speculate about when we can expect season 2 to come out on TV.

The first season of The Detective Is Already Dead was announced in Jan 2021, and the series aired in July 2021, almost six months later. This is surprising considering that the light novel only began serialization in November 2019.

Usually, a 12-episode anime series takes around one and a half years to 2 years, depending on the type of genre. If the anime belongs to an action genre with lots of fights, it will take longer to animate.

Luckily, “The Detective is already dead” doesn’t have crazy battle scenes. As the anime production has started in July 2022, fans can expect season 2 to release sometime in 2024. For more updates, you can follow the official website of the anime series.


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