Diego Maradona’s Facebook Account Hacked, Declares One Piece Superior to All Ongoing Anime

Late football legend Diego Maradona’s Facebook account became the target of a cyber attack recently, according to a confirmation from Maradona’s family and management team.

diego maradona facebook page

The cyber intrusion led to a number of peculiar messages being posted on Maradona’s account, raising eyebrows among fans and followers across the globe.

Despite the prompt action from Maradona’s family and management team, who advised followers to disregard any messages posted during the breach, the hackers managed to grab significant attention.

Among the unusual content, a striking post declared “One Piece >> Better than all ongoing anime.”

diego maradona facebook one piece

This bold assertion caused a significant stir among the followers, marking an interesting parallel to a previous incident when the MyAnimeList website was compromised to promote the anime series “Serial Experiments Lain.”

At the time of the writing, the One Piece comparison post has been removed from the account.

Another noteworthy element of this hacking incident was the changing of Maradona’s profile picture to that of Pele, another football legend, creating an unexpected digital liaison between the two icons.

diego maradona facebook

The hackers also expressed support for footballer Vinicius in an early post, followed by more cryptic messages, such as, “You know I faked my death, no?” and “There is no coke here in heaven. Just Pepsi”.

In a new update on Diego Maradona’s Facebook page, it was disclosed that the account was allegedly compromised by a Russian hacker who granted access to numerous individuals from various countries. The individual who made the disclosure noted that they were alerted via an email stating, “this account gave you access to Diego Maradona’s Facebook page”.

Subsequently, a screenshot was displayed showing several accounts having the permission to publish on Diego’s Facebook page.

As per the latest updates, Maradona’s family and management team are working tirelessly to restore the account and reverse the damage caused by the hack.

However, no information has yet been disclosed about the potential motives behind this breach or the individuals responsible.

Source: Facebook

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