Edens Zero Anime Director Passes Away

Through the official Twitter account of Edens Zero, it was announced that the anime director, Yūshi Suzuki has passed away.

After the final episode broadcast on Sunday, October 2nd, Edens Zero website announced that the director passed away on September 9 at a hospital in Tokyo.

On the Edens Zero website, it was announced “It is a pity to give such a report to all the fans and related parties who support “EDENS ZERO”. All the staff and people involved in creating this work are still in deep sorrow”.

Suzuki also worked as a key animator is several other series, including Fairy Tail, Valvrave the Liberator, and Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. He also worked as a director in a few episodes of Fairy Tail, Log Horizon, and Talentless Nana. Eden Zero was the first full series that he directed himself.

The Edens Zero anime is based on a manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima, who is also known for Fairy Tail franchise. An anime series was produced by J.C. Staff which aired from April to October 2021. For worldwide fans, Eden Zero is available exclusively on Netflix.

Source: ANN, Oricon

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