Fans from China held a real funeral for Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan manga has officially ended and ending was very depressing for Eren Yeager fans as he sacrificed himself for the sake of his friends. Some fans of Eren were really heart broken and to show their support to the fallen hero, they decided to have a real funeral for the protagonist of Attack on Titan.

Some Attack on Titan fans from china gathered to held a memorial service for Eren Yeager. Keep in mind that Attack on Titan is banned in China so doing this must have taken a lot of courage and bravery.

From the following video, it can be seen that fans gathered around to say the final goodbye to Eren. One fan even prepared a beautiful speech to honor the fallen hero. Here is the summary of the speech:

Isayama will never take away the who chased his freedom and saved paradise. Tatakae (Dedicate your hearts). I am really in tears. What a loss this is.

It is amazing to see the dedication of the fans from around the world. The video was uploaded on chinese biggest streaming website “bilibili” and as of writing have more than three thousand views.

Attack on Titan manga is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Final chapter of the manga was released on April 9 and the final volume will be released in June. It has been announced that the final volume will have some additional pages which were not included in the final chapter of the manga. Attack on Titan part 2 is scheduled for Winter 2022. Part 2 will adapt the whole story to the end.

Source: Jump sea compound

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