First Time Trying Tokyo Treat’s Delicious Snacks From Japan 2021

First, I’d like to start off by thanking Tokyo Treat for the opportunity of trying these amazing snacks. I’m honestly not sure where to start since these were all equally tasty but I will do my best to describe my favorite ones.

Ice Cream KitKat

To start off the Ice Creams KitKat was a sweet and creamy taste, that brought me back memories of when I was a child. It was by far one of my top favorite snacks in this box, and I practically finished it within three days. They were that good.

Curry Turtle Crackers

The Curry Turtle Crackers offered a flavorful and crunchy experience that really stood out from all the rest of the snacks to me. I really enjoyed them along with the Fanta drink with its refreshing and it’s citrusy flavor.

Ramen Shop Taro

One of my favorite classic snacks were the Ramen Shop Taro which was very savory and tasty with every bite. Despite their small complexion they really pack a punch of flavor.

Tropical Flavored Gummies

I also had lots of fun with the Pikachu Tropical Flavored Gummies, they offered the perfect combination of sweet and sour along with the adorable shapes of Pikachu and hearts!

Sugar Rusk Snacks

And last but not least the Sugar Rusk snacks that were sweet, light, and practically melted in your mouth. I finished them so quickly I was disappointed to look down only to see an already empty bag within only a few seconds of opening it.

All in all they were all absolutely delicious, and I couldn’t be happier to try and each and every one of them. And I will be surely waiting for the next month’s Tokyo Treat subscription box.

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