Gigantomachia: The Forgotten Manga by Berserk’s Kentaro Miura

Each day a new manga comes and goes, and some manga either become classical hits or major flops. But, there is one manga that has been stuck since the 80s and is considered the greatest manga of all time.


‘Berserk’ is the legendary manga by the late author Kentaro Miura, leaving a legacy behind. Kentaro Miura’s most famous work is indeed Berserk, but there is a niche manga that has yet to get to the spotlight.

In this article, we will discuss a manga by Kentaro Miura that was published simultaneously with Berserk but largely went unnoticed.

What is Gigantomachia?

Gingantomachia is a short manga that is written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura and takes on a little different view of the fantasy and adventure genre. The manga was first published in November 2013 and reached its conclusion in February 2014.

The manga was published in Young Animal Comics, the same magazine that published Berserk. The series takes place 100 million years in the far future.

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The Story

The plot of Gigantomachia takes place after an event called Great Destruction and is set 100 million years in the future. The story takes bits of Greek mythology and adds some fictional spice to it.

The wastelands caused by Great Destruction are roamed by massive bug-like creatures. These bug-like creatures came into existence through the Great Destruction’s radiation.

The creatures are used by the Empire of Olympus in their long-lasting war against Alkyonus and his Nether forces.

If you are unfamiliar, Alkyonus is the opponent of the famous Greek hero Hercules.

Three individuals from the wasteland, Delos the Gladiator, Prome the mystic, and the titan Gohra are assigned to end the war and save the planet.

Delos is the main character of this series, who is a human and a wanderer with his companion, Prome. Being a gladiator, Delos is immensely strong and does not hold back in his fights. He was introduced as a wanderer in the desert with Prome.

The Art

Anyone who has read Berserk before can guess the quality of the art. Just like Berserk, the best part of Gigantomachia is its art, and it has no flaws in that part.

The spotlight of the art style lies in the character design and backgrounds, all beautifully crafted and detailed.

Given Miura’s sudden passing, his previous works have lately started to come to limelight. Gigantomochia is one of these works.

If you are a fan of Berserk and like the art, you should definitely give a chance t Gigantomachia.

Where to Read?

Gigantomachia can be officially read through Dark Horse Comic’s website. Dark Horse Comics licensed the manga in English to make it easier for everyone to read.

Like always, we urge our readers to officially support the creators so they can be motivated to make more manga like this.

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