Goodbye, Sasha Braus!

Sasha is gone … I never thought this moment would arrive so soon. When I first saw that scene in the manga, it was too hard to recover for about two weeks. A character that we were familiar with for the past 8 years is finally gone.

Episode 8 starts off with Eren vs Reiner. Fans were hoping for a big fight between Eren and Reiner but it was over very quickly. Eren was able to beat Reiner easily but Reiner managed to save Jaw Titan. It is hard seeing Reiner like this. He just wants to disappear.

Eren, Mikasa and Armin finally had a reunion after many years on the air ship. Armin and Mikasa looked sad while Eren’s face was expression less. Survey Corps celebrated victory for a few moments. Connie hugged Sasha and Jean. For a short period of time, I thought everything will be ok. I forgot what is to come next.

Falco deserves appreciation. He was among the brainwashed eldians but after meeting Eren, he knew right away that Paradisians are not devils. He also tried to explain to Gabi that this was the revenge for trampling the Paradisians homeland but Gabi did not listen.

Painful Moment Arrives

Gabi climbs the air ship, while the Survey Corps are celebrating the victory. Painful moment arrives and Gabi shots Sasha.

Seeing the reactions of Survey Corps on the news of Sasha’s death was very painful. I felt really bad for Connie as he lost his childhood friend. Seeing Mikasa crying shows how much she cared about Sasha, contrary to some fans who think Mikasa only cared about Eren and Armin.

Here, we should all praise the animators for their hardwork as the animation and lightening was so perfect for the episode. Directors also did a great job by not adding unnecessary music when 144th were crying over Sasha’s death.

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