Hajime Isayama Regrets How Attack On Titan Story Concluded

In a leaked interview of Attack on Titan author, Hajime Isayama reveals some shocking new information. It has been more than 20 days since the final chapter of Attack on Titan came out. While most of the fans were satisfied with how the manga concluded, there are fans who felt like there was still something missing from the ending.

Previously it was revealed that Attack on Titan author Hajime Isayama and Full Metal Alchemist author Hiromu Arakawa will have an interview which will be published on June 9. But according to a credible source, summary of Hajime Isayama interview has been leaked. Here are some of the notable points from the leaked interview:

Final volume will include extra 8 pages

Final volume of the series will include 8 extra pages which will also include school caste. Pages are few (8), because a manga volume can only add this many pages

Final page of the manga was changed

The biggest revelation of the leaked interview is that ending was changed. According to leaked interview, originally the final page was supposed to show three people walking towards a tree on the hillside but Hajime Isayama changed it after discussing with his editor.

Lack of writing

Although Armin in manga might seems to be approving gen**ide, Isayama thinks it is due to his lack of writing. Eren’s actions are the worst of worst, and Armin does not approve of them. Judging from the results, Armin is the beneficiary of Eren’s actions. Although Armin can’t understand this final farewell with Eren, he still wants to use the sentence “thank you (for us) for being a murd*rer” to show that he is an accomplice of Eren, so as to get closer to him.

Most difficult part to write

For lsayama, the last part of the manga is a difficult theme beyond his ability. Isayama feels that he has not been able to fully express these themes with the manga, so he regrets it.

The closer to the final chapter, the harder Isayama would try searching for reviews and comments online.

Isayama’s favourite chapter

Isayama’s favorite chapter: Although the chapter itself is not quite like the usual style of aot, Isayama enjoys the difference. Ch.69 “friends” is his favorite. 69 and 71, are not following the main plot, but focusing on the story of individual characters, he drew them with the feeling of drawing a short, one-chapter manga

Isayama’s favourite scene

Isayama’s favorite action scene is the scene when jawtitan grabbed AT in ch.104. he thinks this scene is thepeak of his own drawing. This is also why there is nomore big action scenes after ch.104

Isayama was happiest when he was drawing the beginning of Marley arc-chapter 91 battle scene. He drew them with extreme concentration and strength.

Source: Weibo

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