Hell’s Paradise Episode 9 Delayed: Here’s What You Need To know

Hell’s Paradise episode 9 won’t be released next week because of some unexpected delay. Here is everything you need to know about it.

hell's paradise episode 9 release date

Hell’s Paradise, animated by Mappa Studio, has stood out from the rest of the anime airing this season and continues to amaze fans with fantastic animation and storytelling.

Fans who are anxiously waiting for next week’s episode will have to wait a little longer. Hell’s Paradise episode 9 has been delayed, as announced by the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation.

Hell’s Paradise episode 9 was scheduled to release on May 27th. However, because of the delay, episode 9 will release on June 3rd.

Why Was the Episode Delayed?

There’s no official confirmation why the episode was delayed by a week. The only speculation we can make is that the episode didn’t reach the deadline the airing network gave.

Mappa Studio has been simultaneously working on many anime projects, including Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, Attack on Titan and Hell’s Paradise. Mappa might be short-handed on animators, so the episode has been delayed.

Hell’s Paradise anime is based on the manga of the same name, written and drawn by Yuji Kaku. The Shounen Jump+ carried out a weekly serialization of the series, published by Shueisha from January 2018 through January 2021.

Mappa picked up the manga for an anime adaptation. Crunchyroll is streaming the series to worldwide fans (excluding some territories).

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What’s Hell Paradise About?

The manga’s story takes place in the Feudal Japanese era. It follows the story of a skilled ninja executioner named Gabimaru, who was sentenced to death for his crimes.

Fortunately, he is given a chance at redemption by the Shogunate, who tasks him to go to a mysterious island called “The Island of no Return” to find the sacred ‘Elixir of Immortality’.

Along Gabimaru, there are other skilful criminals, all on the same boat.

It’s a race against time; whoever gets their hand on the ‘Elixir of Immortality’ first, will get their freedom from the death sentence.

Each of the criminals is accompanied by a guide, to keep a sharp eye on them. Gabimaru the Hollow is accompanied by a girl named Sagiri, a young ninja girl, to form an unlikely team and depart for their journey to find the ‘Elixir of Immortality’.

Hell’s Paradise dives into themes of mortality and the human condition. As the story progresses, the series starts exploring the complex nature of the characters, each of them having a different background and traumas.

The fighting sequences are intense, including different strategies and supernatural elements that keep the viewers engaged throughout every episode.

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