How Attack on Titan Will End According To Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan manga is now entering in its final stage with only two chapters left but fans who read the manga still don’t know how the story will conclude. Leaks and Spoilers for the second last chapter 138 are already out and according to that we still do not know how Hajime Isayama wants to end his story.

Hajime Isayama gave fans some hints in his past interview about how he would like to end the story. Initially, Author wanted to end the series with all the characters dy*ng but he later changed that ending as the popularity of the series grew.

In 2019, Hajime Isayama was interviewed during the final exhibition of Attack on Titan manga, where he revealed that he wants to h*rt Attack on Titan readers and when the readers will think about this manga, he would like them to say “This manga will remain in my heart”. From the interviews of the author, it is not difficult to understand that what kind of ending the author wants.

Here’s the complete interview of Hajime Isayama during the final exhibition of Attack on Titan manga (keep in mind that some questions were not visible during the recording):

Q: What is the meaning behind drawing manga?

I think I wanted to attack something. Like betraying people or hurting people. And, Well, it’s not exactly nice, but hurting the readers, too… In all honesty, I feel that’s what I really wanted to do. For me, as a reader, when I think, “This manga will remain in my heart,” it means, for example, it phenomenally hurt me: it’s those kind of experiences that I’m after. I initially thought perhaps Armin, but lately, I’d say it’s maybe Eren after all. Initially, I believed this type of character was necessary for the story, so I wrote him in, but actually, with him came something of a feeling that he was part of an inner me that I didn’t really want to see.

Q: Do you feel the “progression” of the work?

I somehow got to this point before I really knew it. I suppose there was a period where I thought this sort of thing didn’t happen to unknown newcomers though. It’s perhaps a bit of a shame I don’t really remember all that, but I really don’t have any true memories of the early days. At the beginning it was hard for me to draw, but gradually I became able to draw the way I wanted, and I started to enjoy it. Actually, this was more down to the support of my assistant than my own effort.

Q: Which scenes do you like from your recent work?

I really like when Eren Yeager is fighting the War Hammer Titan. And it was quite difficult to draw a scene where he is fighting the Jaw Titan as there were so many lines, but it was great fun. I was very satisfied when it was finished. I can’t help but keep looking at it forever.

Q: Do you want to say anything to the readers?

I’d like them to think they’re glad they’ve read this far. It motivates me the most and is also my goal to write this final time.

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan final chapter will be published on April 9. Final season of the anime adoptation only have 16 episodes which will not animate the entire manga. Fans are hoping for a final season part 2 or a movie announcement for the rest of series.

Source: Hajime Isayama Final Exhibition Interview

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