Japan: Anime Fans Rank Best Anime In The History

Published on November 25th, 2021

Have you ever wondered that what is the best anime series, according to the fans in Japan? Well, it looks like we finally have the answer to that question. A popular Japanese forum “Goo Ranking” did a huge survey, where more than 30,000 participants from Japan voted for the best anime in history.

The term used in “Goo Ranking website” for this poll was “God Anime Popularity Ranking”. Fans from different field of life and different ages participated. There were more than 1600 anime projects to choose from. The participants have casted 157,000 votes (1 person can choose multiple options, and give 1 to 100 points to the selected anime).

Here are the top 20 rankings from the voting list:

  • 20. Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion
  • 19. My Teen Romantic Comedy Is Wrong (OreGairu)
  • 18. Demon Slayer
  • 17. KonoSuba
  • 16. Clannad After Story
  • 15. Hunter x Hunter (New version)
  • 14. My Hero Academia
  • 13. Psycho Pass
  • 12. Bakemonogatari
  • 11. Sword Art Online

Here are the top 10 rankings from the voting list:

  • 10. Haikyuu!!
  • 9. Neon Genensis Evangelion
  • 8. A place further than the universe
  • 7. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  • 6. Re: Zero – Starting life in another world

5. Gintama

4. Violet Evergarden

3. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
Eren (Attack on Titan)

2. Steins Gate

1. Code Geass

Here is the list of other popular anime series that didn’t made into top 20 of this list:

  • Naruto Shippuden (Ranked 27th)
  • One Piece (Ranked 21st)
  • JuJutsu Kaisen (Ranked 23rd)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (Ranked 35th)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (Ranked 31st)

Source: Goo Ranking

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33 thoughts on “Japan: Anime Fans Rank Best Anime In The History

  1. I think the fans is new , new generation and not watching the legend anime.
    I’m in out of Japan and one of the best I watch is one piece, Naruto, slamdunk, Dragonball, Kuroko no basket.

      1. I know this is based off of fans’ taste but heck, how can Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, One Piece, etc not be in top 15?? it’s really true that new generation fans are ignoring the classics and labelling them as “boring” because they’ve seen action and all that. I beg to differ, because the older classics had solid storylines and impactful characters. Haikyuu, Violet Evergarden, Attack on Titan, Psycho Pass, HxH and Code Geass deserve their spots though.

    1. I think they rank it by the plot and characters. Demon Slayer is the only one I disagree with being ranked in the top 20 because the plot is childish, to be honest, compared to any other animes like Gintama. I think the only reason that the Demon slayer got included in the top 20 is because of its over-budgeted animation.

  2. Demon slayer shouldn’t be in top 20 just becz of the animation, the 1st season was average, movie was good, I know the yet to be animated manga chapters are very very good, but it shouldn’t be in top 20 just becz of what that is animated

  3. Why are people don’t agree with bleach ,bleach has great storyline and character development and even more characters there were so good in manga now a day people only watch new generation anime why people why

  4. If you have never watched code geass, you shouldn’t talk about its ranking here. Code geass highly deserves 1st rank. The story, plot, the ending message was all On The Point. Really Really Good Use Of Lelouch In The Story Line & They Put Proper Focus On Other Characters Like Nunually, Suzaku, Kallen Which In some parts of the story drew attention towards them as to their crucial role. Only Real Weebs Will Vote 4 Code Geass. Fake Weebs Like To Vote For Rent A Girlfriend & High School DxD.

  5. CLANNAD BABY!!!! Clannad is my favorite anime of all time and it does not get nearly enough love in lists and articles, glad to see it here.

  6. Everything is a matter of opinion. U think one piece or any other anime should be first it’s your opinion and everyone’s opinion differ.so just watch what u want

  7. You gotta be kidding me?. Demon Slayer is one of the best new generation anime. The plot is mature. Stop crying just cuz it is more popular then your fav. It deserved to be in top 10 at least. Well, compared to other in the list demon slayer is extremely new. It will take the #1 after some year for sure. So get over it, child

  8. I think the voters are all mature. Great to see this list. The most non biased and mature top 20 list of anime I ever seen. Few anime are there that I haven’t watched so I really can’t say a lot about it, but regarding top 5 I have to agree that those are the most thrilling, short-running and emotionally engaging anime ever!

  9. This list is hot trash. If One Piece ain’t number one or top 5 on the list throw that shi away. Looks like it was made by some Gen Z, just starting anime fans cuz what is this?? They have no respect for the classics but we are talking all time!! Put some respect on the classics, Sailor Moon, YU YU Haku show, One Piece, Dragon Ball, and so much more. I will say it one more time for the folks in the back, This list is trash!!

  10. You know WHY Steins Gate is the Best Anime in the HISTORY

    Steins Gate is a masterpiece. One of the most emotionally riveting and impactful experiences I have ever had. Its a series with very relatable characters and great dynamics between them, a masterfully crafted and immaculately executed plot with some incredible twists and turns, one of the greatest protagonists I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and themes which connected with me on a level I never thought possible.

    Steins Gate: A testament to free will and its relationship with causality

    Its a series which starts with deceptive lightheartedness. And even despite the fact that there are definitely things go on below the surface, Okabe showing slight cracks in his persona of Houuin Kyouma, Kurisu’s murder, the satellite crash…there are some pretty obvious hints that the series isn’t as simple as it seems to be, and yet the story continues to trick us. To continually suppress our suspicions under the effectively lighthearted cloak which the series wears, making itself appear like just another slice of life despite how things slowly start to change. And then it all culminates in episode 12, with Mayuri’s death. But before then I would like to discuss some things which occur within this first half of the series, which is actually in my opinion brilliant in its own right.

  11. I don’t agree with this list at all. How can animes like naruto, death note, tokyo ghoul, one piece, jujutsu kaisen etc… be out of top 15????

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