Japan: Female Pro Gamer Says Short Men Should Not Have Human Rights

Published on February 18th, 2022

Tanukana, who is a 29 year old Japanese professional Tekken player has come under a lot of criticism for her remarks over short men.

Image Credit: Red bull

Tanukana was live streaming while baking a cake when she started telling an incident that happened to her a while ago. She ordered food from Uber Eats, and when the delivery arrived, the delivery man was a short guy. She took the food from him, but he didn’t leave instantly. She asked him why he was still here? That is when the delivery guy asked for her number. Tanukana rejected the guy, but she felt scared after because the delivery guy now knows where she lives.

The 29 year old Japanese pro player didn’t end her story just yet. After chatting with her followers, she said this:

He was short, probably 5’6″ tall. It must be even less than 1.65! As soon as I saw how short he was, I thought, ‘NOPE’, if he was taller and had a muscular body then there would be a chance I would give him my number

After Tanukana said that, the chat started to confront her about her remarks about short guys. However, Tanukana didn’t stop there, and kept talking about how she dislikes short guys:

1.65 is small, not good, honestly, if you are under 1.70 you have no human rights, if you are a guy under 1.70 please live your life with the idea of ​​’ I don’t have human rights’ in your mind all the time. Please search for bone lengthening surgeries on a search engine. When you reach 1.70 tall you will start to have adequate human rights

Yes, I’m saying that. Short guys obviously shouldn’t have human rights . Know your place. I’m tough on short guys. But let me tell you something: I’m nice to fat and bald guys.

A few hours after the live stream ended, Tanukana apologized to her fans. But the deed has already been done. There was a lot of criticism on Tanukana for her remarks. She was fired from her sponsored e-sports team, Cyclops Athlete Gaming. Red Bull was also one of her sponsors who removed her after this incident.

Source: Yahoo News

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