Japan: Parents Want Their Children To Read Slam Dunk, Demon Slayer

When it comes to manga series, there are lots of diverse material to pick from. Suppose, you are a big anime and manga fan, and a parent on top of that. What manga would you recommend to your children? The same question was asked in Japan via a survey conducted by a Japanese education media, “Ouchi Kyouzai no Mori,” asking parents “What Shonen manga would you recommend to your Children?”.

Slam Dunk manga

According to the final result, 77% of participants voted for Slam Dunk. Here is the complete list with some comments from parents.

1. Slam Dunk

  • I want you to read sports manga.
  • Because it is a content that you can learn frustration and joy.
  • Because it is a manga that I am addicted to, and it is a good content to cultivate teamwork and unity.
  • I want you to learn about the passion through basketball.

2. Hikaru no Go

  • You can learn the feeling of not giving up.
  • Because the scenery is beautiful and it is interesting, even if you don’t understand it.
  • Because there is no cruel depiction and it seems to be useful for studying.

3. YuYu Hakusho

  • Although it is a little violent, I can be impressed by the story of friendship.
  • Because the story is easy to understand and can be seen by the whole family.
  • The characters are cute, and I’m currently watching them on TV anime.

4. Rurouni Kenshin

  • Because the appearance of Kenshin, who strongly tries to keep the vow he made, will have a positive effect on the growth of the child.
  • Because it seems that you can learn to protect your loved ones with your heart.
  • It was interesting for me to read.

5. Demon Slayer

  • Because it teaches you the difficulties of life.
  • I want you to learn the kindness of Tanjiro’s heart through manga.
  • It teaches you how to live.

6. One Piece

  • Although it is a pirate theme, it is a manga that values ​​friendship.
  • I think I can learn important things as a person. I want my child to make important and reliable friends.
  • Because you can learn the importance of your friends.

7. Soul Hunter: Hoshin Engi

  • Although there are some differences from historical facts, it is good for studying history.
  • Because I am interested in the history of China and it is interesting.

8. Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san

  • It’s a manga that can be read easily.
  • It was interesting for me to read.

9. Doraemon

  • Because you can learn moral things.
  • Because it is popular

10. Detective Conan

  • Because kids can feel smarter by reading this manga

Slam Dunk is a Japanese sports manga, written and drawn by Takehiko Inoue. Viz media describes the manga series as follows:

Hanamichi Sakuragi’s got no game with girls–none at all! It doesn’t help that he’s known for throwing down at a moment’s notice and always coming out on top. A hopeless bruiser, he’s been rejected by 50 girls in a row! All that changes when he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko, and she’s actually not afraid of him! When she introduces him to the game of basketball, his life is changed forever…

Slam Dunk is world’s best selling basketball series, and the 7th most selling manga series. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1990 to 1996. All the manga chapters have been collected into 31 volumes.

Toei Studio picked up the manga series for an anime adaptation in 1993. The anime series ended after 3 years and 101 episodes. The series will be receiving a new anime film in Fall 2022, as announced by the author.

Source: PR Times

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