Japan: Professor Invented A Lickable TV Screen That Can Imitate Food Flavor

A Japanese professor has created a lickable TV screen, which will let you taste the food from all around the world,

Reuter reported that the prototype machine uses a mixture of 10 flavors, including salty, sweet and spicy, then the machine mixes them in different ratios to create the flavor of the desired food. The flavor mixture is then spread over the TV screen for viewers to lick. The lickable device is being called Taste The TV.

If you are wondering about the hygiene, don’t worry, because there is a protective hygienic layer over the TV screen which can be replaced after 1 use.

The device is made by Homei Miyashita., who is a professor in Meiji University. His goal is to make it possible for people to taste food from any other part of the world, or a fancy restaurant while staying at home.

Taste the TV device is expected to launch commercially at $850 US, however, there is no release date in the near future.

One of the professor’s students demonstrated the machine in front of Journalist by ordering a chocolate. After a few tries, Taste the TV sprinkled a sample on the hygienic sheet, which tasted like the milk chocolate.

The possibilities of this invention are endless, maybe one day we will be able to taste anime food as well. However, some social media users have criticized this invention as it could affect the public hygiene. What are your thoughts on this invention? Please let us know in the comment section.

Source: Reuters

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