Japanese City Refuses to Fund This Anime Due To ‘Socially Unacceptable’ Episode

Jashin-chan Dropkick is one of the few anime that relies on crowdfunding, however, a recent incident might affect the production of the upcoming seasons.

Season 3 of Jashin-chan Dropkick (Jashin-chan Dropkick X) featured an episode which took place in a city in Japan named Furano City. And due to a socially inappropriate dialogue, the city refuses to pay money for the publicity it received through the anime.

Jashinchan-Dropkick X Episode 9 controversy

Jashin-chan Dropkick X ended on 21 of September with a rating of 7.39 on MAL. But it is now facing some financial disputes as it is not getting the money it deserves.

The first two seasons of Jashin-chan Dropkick completed their airing without any problem. Still, the third season was only possible because of money collected from a successful crowdfunding event and due to Furusato Nozei System.

What is Furusato Nozei System?

In Japan, the government allows taxpayers living in urban areas to donate their tax money to rural areas. The rural areas send their local products to the donors in exchange for donations. These rural cities can use the money to promote their city. The anime K-On! was supported by the city of Toyosato through donations, as it featured the school present in this city. The same was supposed to happen between Furano city and Jashin-chan Dropkick X. Episode 9 of Jashin-chan took place in the city of Furano city, however, the city refused to pay funds to the anime.

Jashinchan-Dropkick X Episode 9 controversy

Jashin-chan Dropkick X Episode 9 Controversy

In episode 9 of this series, some series’ cast visits Furano City in the Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan. In one instance, one character, Medusa, elaborates that she has to sell her organs off to pay her debts in the city. This dialogue caused a massive uproar among the city officials, showing a stressed and inappropriate environment in the city.

Jashinchan-Dropkick X Episode 9 controversy

The reaction of the Furano City Committee

The committee of Furano City sat down and discussed this issue. Here are the claims some employees made.

It is socially unacceptable and could damage the image of the city

Another employee quoted:

This dialogue is just a story in the anime and it is not good to point out only one part of the episode

The committee voted on whether the city should give the funds to the anime’s production team, and the results were a tie, with the committee’s president voting a “no”. So, the officials halted the 33 million yen they were supposed to pay the production team.

Jashinchan-Dropkick X Episode 9 controversy

Even the mayor of this city, Taketoshi Kita, was disappointed with this act. He said:

The decision not to pass is a very unfortunate result. Intervening and criticizing free speech is a regrettable thing

Mayor of Furano City on Episode 9 of Jashin-chan Dropkick X.

The reaction of the anime’s production team

The anime producers of this anime have yet to make any official statement about this dispute. But, the official Twitter of this anime has made a move as they created a poll on their account and asked fans if this “controversial episode” has elevated or worsened their image of Furano city.

Episode 9 is available for free on Youtube, and any fan can watch the episode and tell if it is making the image of the particular city terrible in any manner or not.

Is this a bitter dispute?

Considering the strict rules and regulations that are present in Japan regarding anything, this might become a big issue as the production team might not receive the money. They might receive the money if the poll results are positive, but nothing is confirmed.

Jashinchan-Dropkick X Episode 9 controversy

Jashin-chan Dropkick tells us the story of a witch named Yurine Hanazono who has summoned a lamia named Jashin from the depths of hell. For a lamia to go back to hell, it has to kill its summoner. So, Jashin has to kill Yurine to go back home. But unfortunately, Jashin’s incompetency makes her unable to do so, and now, she is stuck on Earth. Will she be able to escape from the claws of her summoner?

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