Japanese Fans Rank Anime That Changed Their Life

A popular Japanese anime news portal “AnimateTimes” conducted a survey, asking fans, “What was the one Shonen Jump anime that changed your life?”. Furthermore, they also asked participants to comment why they are picking that specific anime. Here is the ranked list, along with some participants’ comments:

10. Hunter x Hunter

My favorite jump animation, which taught me various life lessons. Also, thanks to that, I’m glad I met a lot of friends

9. My Hero Academia

I am impressed by the heart that never gives up and the straightforward feelings of the hero! I’m also a high school student now, so it’s fun to read and feel emotional!

8. One Piece

When I was little, I tended to give up on everything immediately, but when I watched One Piece, I was impressed by how Luffy faced strong enemies without giving up. Since then, I have been able to challenge things I am not good at and complete difficult things to the end.

7. Bleach

Since I first watched, I haven’t been able to meet any works that exceed BLEACH. Of course, the characters and the story are of course, but the lines are really wonderful, and all the words remain in my heart.

6. Prince of Tennis

Because it is a work that led me to the path of Otaku. The fascinating characters, their passion for tennis, and the fun of the story was all shocking and attractive to me, whhen I was the same age as Ryoma at the time.

5. Haikyuu!

When I was in junior high school, there were times when I couldn’t go to school because of my insecurities. At that time, when I watched this anime and saw how teammates faced frustrations and difficulties, I got the courage and passion, and I thought this way and became able to act positively.

4. Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

It was this manga that made me start reading manga. The strength of the main character, Tuna, my friendship, and my depression, I have been saved many times, and I am still striving to become such a human being.

3. Naruto

I was able to learn the lines of Naruto and Sasuke and the importance of family and friends in my life. Also, since I had a younger brother, I was very impressed and at the same time sympathized with the brotherhood of Itachi’s Sasuke. NARUTO is a life textbook.

2. Kuroko’s Basketball

I’ve always loved the manga, but I haven’t read it at all for a while because of the difficulty of getting married, giving birth, and raising children. When I was tired of raising children and was tired, I read Kuroko’s Basketball and was so addicted to it that I was able to revive my favorite manga love and have more fun so I can live alive.

1. Gintama

I was the only one who wasn’t interested in anime and manga, and now I have Gintama goods in every corner of the room. Also, I got the imagination to write an original novel! Gintama has many wise sayings and lessons of life, and I was taught the important things of life from them.

Source: animatetimes

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