Japanese Website FANZA Bans Showing Real Animals In Adult Manga

Fanza is a Japanese adult website where adult manga are published and sold. In recent days, an interesting new policy has been introduced by the website, which is that adult manga authors now can not show real animals in their publications.

Fujiyama Takashi, who is an adult manga author, posted an update on Twitter, that FANZA is now demanding from authors to not use real animals in their work but instead use fictional animals.

It seems that FANZA is asking the writer to say, “Because the ones that involve real animals are not good, if you are a horse, make them feathers and make them Pegasus.” I was stupid and laughed (Author wrote)

Another adult manga author, Yuigi Sekiod replied to the tweet as follows:

That rule is interesting, isn’t it? I also deleted it because I was told that “the big snake is not good”, but I was told “Is the centipede good?” And “It’s OK because there are no giant insects.” By the way, giant octopus was said to be a delicate line.

FANZA have not shared any kind of details as to why this new policy is being implemented. Many people sympathized with the authors whose publication got rejected because of that.

What do you think of this new ban where Horses are not allowed but unicorns are okay? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. You can also reach us at our Instagram.

Source: Otakomu

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