Japan’s ‘Killing Stone’ Breaks Open, Which Was Supposedly Trapping Nine Tail Evil Fox Spirit

Published on March 9th, 2022

Nine tailed evil fox spirit might have been released after 1000 years, which has been an inspiration to many modern works, including anime series, and well known Naruto’s friend Kurama was also inspired from it.

Some of the Japanese people believed that a massive stone located at Nasu was a jail to an evil spirit nine tail fox spirit which was apparently sealed 1000 years ago. However, the massive stone has been split into two parts, causing fear among locals that the evil spirit has been released.

This large stone located at Natsu, was recognized as a national scenic spot. According to the mythology, an evil, powerful shapeshifter fox turned into a beautiful woman called Tamamo-no-Mae, who tried to kill Emperor Toba, the ruler of Japan who ruled in the 12th century, in order to become the ruler of Japan herself.

However, a magician of the emperor’s court, who was already suspicious of her, managed to reveal her true identity, which led to the evil fox fleeing to Nasu, where it turned into the huge stone. According to the myth, the stone killed people and animal that passed by it, by leaking poison from inside.

The history behind the “Killing stone” has led people to believe that the evil fox spirit is still trapped inside the stone. So, when the locals discovered that the stone has been split into two, it caused fear and panic on the Japanese social media.

However, according to another folklore, the nine tail fox was already exorcised by a monk in the 14th century. The monk, Genno Shinsho split the large stone into three pieces, two of which were moved to another place, leaving one stone behind.

Many visitors have mentioned that there were already cracks in the stone, which would have allowed rain water to seep into the stone, and weakened the structure, which resulted of stone splitting into two parts.

Given the global unrest in recent times, this news had lots of people on edge. Do you think an evil nine tailed fox spirit was really trapped in the stone? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Twitter, Sora News

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  1. Yall wanna die or something why in the university would u say its cool its TRUE that the evil spirit has escaped from the killing stone and NOW its roaming in EARTH!!

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