Kpop fans try to cancel My Hero Academia on Twitter

It’s a known fact that generally Kpop and anime fans do not get along very well. Recently we saw another example of Kpop fans trying to cancel anime and this time the victim was My Hero Academia franchise.

Korean artist Sunoo, who has confessed to being a big fan of anime, especially My Hero Academia. Singers loyal fans started messaging My Hero Academia social acconts for a collaboration with Sunoo but their requests kept getting ignored.

Credit: My Hero Academia Twitter

However on Sunoo’s birthday, singer fans started spamming in replys of every My Hero Academia tweet, asking to wish Sunoo a “happy birthday”. Seeing so much demand for that, My Hero Academia twitter quickly wrote a message “Happy Birthday Sunoo”.

Apparenlty, Kpop fans were not expecting such a quick reply because Sunoo’s birthday is still to come on June 24.  For this reason, the Kpopers asked if it was possible for the same message to be repeated on the correct day, a request that was answered with a forceful “no” by MHA twitter account.

After that many negative messages from Kpop fans started arriving, criticizing the My Hero Academia series.

Apparently, anime fans were very happy for a bold reply from My Hero Academia twitter handler, praising them for meeting silly demands from Kpop fans. My Hero Academia twitter account is very active in replying to any queries or demands that fans have, like wishing happy birthday or some general question from MHA fans.

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