Manga Publishers Wants To Know About The Pirate Site You Read Manga On

Manga Plus is a website offered by the manga publishing company, Shueisha. The website lets you read manga for free, well, the first 3 chapters and the last 3 chapters are free to read, so you can not read the full manga series on Manga Plus. Still, for regular manga readers, this service is a good alternative to pirate manga websites that are usually full of sketchy ads.

Manga Plus manga pirate

Despite Shueisha offering a free service like Manga Plus, the pirate manga websites get million of visitors per month. One of the main reasons why manga fans prefer these pirate sites are because they have manga series not only from Shuiehsa but other popular Japanese publishers as well. In fact, one of the main reasons behind Shuiesha launching a free manga service like Manga Plus was to fight the piracy.

Manga Plus recently launched a survey where they asked users to name the pirate website where they generally read manga. Many fans pointed out that Shueisha is sneakily trying to single out the pirate manga sites with most readers and then they will take these websites down one by one.

In the 4th section of the survey, the survey asks participants, whether they ever used a pirate site to read manga or not.

Manga Plus Survey

The next section is linked to the previous one, asking users to name the pirate website that they are using to read manga.

manga plus survey 2

In another section, the Shueisha’s editorial department, ask that if you read manga on a pirate site, what are the main reasons behind it. The options include “because it is updated faster, simultaneously with Japanese release”, “because I am used to pirate sites”, “because pirate sites have more features”, or “because the manga is only available on pirate sites”.

Source: Manga Plus

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