Mexico Publisher Is Using Actual Rooster To Promote Manga “Rooster Fighter”

Published on June 1st, 2021

On their Twitter account, The publisher “Panini Manga México” published a special video announcing that it will begin the publication of the manga written and illustrated by Shu Sakuratani , titled “Rooster Fighter“. The publication start date is scheduled for next September, however, details about the periodicity and the sale price were not revealed yet.

Most unique thing publisher decided to use an actual “Chicken” to promote the manga as can be seen from the video. Rooster first enters the publsiher building by using lift. Then he walks around a little bit around the office. After sometime actual rooster poses alongside “Rooster Fighter” manga.

In case you don’t know what Rooster Fighter manga is about “the manga tells the story of how humanity is threatened by monsters with overwhelming power, known as the “Kijuu”. As cities are destroyed and people slowly fall into despair, a rooster faces the threat. It is the story of how a single rooster fought for the survival of humanity.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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