Mushoku Tensei Vs Re Zero: Fans Discuss Which is the better Isekai?

Published on October 10th, 2021

Mushoku Tensei 2nd part started airing just a week ago. It is a well known fact that Mushoku Tensei has pretty solid animation quality thanks to Studio Bind, and Re Zero’s recent season animation quality has gone down. Some fans are even saying that most of the animators left Re: Zero to work on Mushoku Tensei.

As we all know that most of the controversies generate on Twitter, this case isn’t different. Fans of both the series are discussing which is the better Isekai? Both parties have some valid argument to their claim.

Reasons why fans prefer Re: Zero

Some Re: Zero fans said that they prefer Re: Zero over Mushoku Tensei because Rudeus is a controversial character who acts way too much in a perverted manner.

Reasons why fans prefer Mushoku Tensei

The Mushoku Tensei world building is very well integrated into the story. Furthermore, the magic system of Mushoku Tensei is very well explained, compared to Re: Zero.

Both authors are friends

Despite all the war going on between Re: Zero and Mushoku Tensei fans, the authors of both the series are friends, and admire each others work. Also, this comparison becomes meaningless once you realize that both are completely different type of Isekai anime.

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One thought on “Mushoku Tensei Vs Re Zero: Fans Discuss Which is the better Isekai?

  1. Yes both series are good. but i wish re:zero had as good of an animation treatment as mushoku does. It deserves just as much.

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