My Girlfriend cheated on me with a senior, so I cheated on her with his Girlfriend gets manga adaptation

My girlfriend cheated on me with a senior, So I am cheating on her with his girlfriend is getting a manga adaptation.

The light novel is the award winner of the 7th Kakuyomu Web Novel in “Rom COM” category. The light novel is so popular that it is getting an instant manga adaptation, even before the light novel volume 1 release.

The volume 1 cover art for the light novel was released as well.


The protagonist, Yuu Isshiki is a first year university student. Soon he learns that his girlfriend “Karen” is having an affair with his senior “Kamokura”. He was so shocked and devastated that he asked Kamokura’s girlfriend (Who is the most beautiful girl on the campus) to have an affair with him. This is a thrilling romantic comedy that begins with cheating.

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