My Hero Academia Author Reveals The Character Design of Invisible Girl

My Hero Academia’s Toru Hogakure has always been a curiosity to fans. Since the start of My Hero Academia series, fans have wondered for many years that how Invisible Girl will look like if they ever get to see her. Finally, the author of the series has answered the fans’ prayers by sharing the character design of Toru.

The series creator, Kohei Horikoshi took to Twitter to share a beautiful sketch of Toru Hogakure. As can be seen from the sketch, Toru is jumping in the mid air. She is wearing thigh-high boots, and wearing her usual gloves. The invisible girl is also joined by another hero in the sketch. Kirishima can be seen in a stylish pose, wearing a pirate costume.

This is the first time that Toru’s full character design was unveiled. Previously in chapter 336 of the manga, we saw a glimpse of Toru’s face, but not every My Hero Academia fan reads manga. So, this is a big reveal for anime only fans.

Kohei Horikoshi shared this art to promote the release of 34th volume of My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia is an action-superhero manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga started serialization in July 2014, in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. At the time of writing, the manga has been collected into 34 volumes. In case you are keeping up with the manga series, more than 300 chapters have been released. The anime adaptation is being produced by Studio Bones.

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Source: Twitter

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