My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Spoilers, Release Date & Raw Scans

Updated on November 3rd, 2021

After that tease of the fight between Shigaraki and Star and Stripe, fans have been eagerly waiting for chapter 331. After a one-week delay, I’m excited to say the wait is finally over. We will be able to see Star and Stripe go at it against Shigaraki with her quirk ‘New Order.’

Before the chapter releases let’s catch you up on everything you need to know and more for the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 330 Recap

In chapter 330 we got started off with All For One commenting on his new body, the body of his student, Shigaraki Tomura. AFO himself states “I know for a fact I’m Shigaraki Tomura…but at the same time I’m undoubtedly myself.” The villain isn’t able to get into this as Star and Stripe soon arrives on the scene, with her team of jet support.

It’s here that America’s number one hero displays here quirk New Order. A quirk that allows her to impose a new order over anything she touches. She displays this by making the atmosphere surrounding Shigaraki/AFO cease to exist, causing the villain to drop to his knees. The fight intensifies from there with America’s team shooting lasers at their target only for them to be refractured right back at them.

It is then that Ms. America manages to touch Shifaraki making this new order under Shigaraki’s name. If Shigaraki Tomura were to an inch from this point forward, his heart will stop. It is then that AFO starts to tell Shigaraki that their fusion is nearly 98% complete but at this point, they are neither Shigarki Tomura nor All For One. Making Star and Stripe’s new order useless as Shigaraki/AFO start to charge up a blast.

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Chapter 331 Spoilers

Some raws for the upcoming chapter are already out so there are confirmed spoilers below, you have been warned.

Chapter 331 will kick off right where 330 left us with Star and Stripe getting flung backward after that enormous explosion. As Star and Stripe watches, confused as a new Shigarki walks through the smoke cloud, with much longer hair than before. Smiling the villain tells her that he now understands how her power works, telling her, even if you are the strongest there’s still a limit that’s holding you back.

Now worried one of the pilots asks what should we do, seeing as how neither your quirk nor our lasers worked. To which Star replies with a simple, call Commander Agbar. The pilot complies and also calls off the other pilots, telling them to back off, as Star and Stripe reveals her strongest attack.

Using her quirk Star creates a new order, commanding the atmosphere to solidify and expand 100x her size. And although Shigaraki can’t see it, he can definitely feel her attack as he gets punched by the massive figure. Star also figures something out, since she can’t figure out the villain’s name she will just have to beat him. Clapping her hands together, her gigantic form does the same, blowing Shigaraki away.

Calling on her pilots, Star tells them to shoot lasers at her which she holds with her giant form and uses as spears. Crashing the spears down on Shigaraki. The pilots believe Shigaraki to be dead, but the hero informs them if it was this easy Endeavour would have gotten it done.

After that, she receives a call from the Commander she called. he informs her that she crossed a line and this will cost her more than her license. To which Star responds she doesn’t care, instead asking if the preparations are ready. The commander replies back to her, telling her yes it is Kathy, now it’s time for you to surpass him. The commander is referring to Star and Stripe’s hero, All Might. Commander Agbar goes on to her that even All Might couldn’t defeat Shigaraki.

For the final panel of the chapter, we cut to hundreds of incoming missiles. Named, hypersonic intercontinental missiles Tiamat.

Chapter 331 Raw Scans

Chapter 331 Release Date

My Hero Academia chapter 331 is scheduled to release on October 31st, 2021. Last week the manga went on an unexpected hiatus to give the mangaka some time off. However, this latest chapter should be released without any delay.

Where To Read

You can read My Hero Academy officially and for free on both and Manga Plus. Please do as this both supports the author and the series. While we are waiting for My Hero Academia season 6 release date, reading manga is the only option.

Tell us what you think of this latest chapter in the comments below. We will be back next week with even more My Hero Academia content so stay tuned till then.

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