My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers: Long Awaited Rematch

Spoilers of My Hero Academia chapter 396 and other Weekly Shounen Jump series are out. Every week on Wednesday, the spoilers and raw scans start circulating on the internet.

The official release of chapter 396 of My Hero Academia is right around the corner, and the spoilers for chapter 396 have caused the fans to get a meltdown on Twitter. The chapter is officially slated to release on Monday, 7th August 2023.

After the aftermath of a fight between Ochako and Toga, the fans of My Hero Academia are getting one of the most anticipated matches of the series.

Before we dive into the spoilers of chapter 396, here is a short recap of chapter 395:

Chapter 395 Recap

Chapter 395 begins with Toga sending her clones to attack Todoroki’s family and other heroes. Before the clones reach their designated target, they disappear. After the clones vanish, Toga explains how her knife makes her the person she always loved.

Toga starts to pant and lose consciousness, which are the consequences of her quirk, and understands how Ochako never wanted to hurt anyone with her powers. Ochako understands that she has lost a lot of blood and can not even move a finger now.

After that, Toga apologizes to Ochako and explains how tragic her past was, and Toya once burned her house down to force her to be normal. The Chapter ends with Toga helping a bird fly.

Chapter 396 Spoilers

Thanks to the Twitter user @RukasuMHA for the spoilers.

According to the leaks, Chapter 396 will be titled ‘A Quirkless Fight.’ The Chapter begins with the clones in Gunga disappearing and shifting the focus to All Might. All Might remember the words of Nighteye and wonders if the villain in his foresight was AFO or not.

Parts of All Might’s car, Hercules, turn into full body armor that precisely replicates his costume. However, his mouth is left uncovered as All Might still believes in his smile as a hero.

All Might asks Hercules to record his fight, to which La Brava starts streaming it. However, the cops are against the streaming.

Tsukauchi realizes this will be All Might’s last fight and asks La Brava to stop the stream, as nobody wants to see their favorite hero die. The Chapter cuts to the fight between AFO and All Might on the battlefield.

A major fight between AFO and All Might breaks out. With Hercules, All Might is on par with AFO while still quirkless. With new abilities in his hand, All Might overpowers AFO, and the chapter ends with All Might kicking down AFO with Shooting Style Smash.

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All Might reminds Tsukauchi that he never goes into a fight, thinking he is going to lose.

Weekly Shounen Jump magazine will be on break as a whole, containing chapters from series like One Piece, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, and many more for the summer festival break. The magazine will return on 21st August 2023.

Where To Read?

My Hero Academia can be read officially on both sources, the Viz Media website and Manga Plus app. Please support the series by reading it on the official sources and purchasing a copy if it is available in your area since that motivates the author to craft more great stories like this!

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