My Hero Academia Chapter 402 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Another Death?

The fight between All Might and All For One is considerably the best that My Hero Academia has recently brought us. After the previous chapter’s aftermath, the battle’s outcome has become much more uncertain.

My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers

Wednesday has arrived, and with that, My Hero Academia chapter 403 spoilers and raw scans have surfaced on social media. They have caused a loud buzz everywhere.

My Hero Academia chapter 402 is officially set to be released on October 1, 2023, the upcoming Monday.

Before we embark on inspecting the spoilers, here is a concise recap of the significant events of chapter 401.

My Hero Academia Chapter 401 Recap:

The chapter, titled “The Lunatic,” begins with Hero Killer Stain arriving at the battle between All Might and AFO to help the number one hero of Japan.

Stain explained how he managed to track them by AFO’s blood and followed the destroyed road.

Stain never really liked to come out of the shadows and expose himself to the light, but just for All Might, he has come out to kill AFO.

However, before Stain could slash AFO’s neck off, he launched a quirk that deliberately leaked blood.

Stain calls that the blood always stays the same even if it’s outside the body. AFO uses his second head to chomp off Stain and throws him far away.

Stain crashes into a building, and AFO wastes no time to arrive there and instantly kills him by taking his quirk.

All Might also arrives behind AFO, but he is too late. AFO sensed him coming from behind, and he launched an attack instantly but the last piece of Hercules managed to defend All Might, but still, he got knocked down.

AFO sees this as a chance and goes away to the location of Tomura Shigaraki, but All Might is NOT dead.

He hallucinated Nana and Night Eye and got the final push he always needed. The chapter concludes with AFO being close enough to Shigaraki to use his Gloop Warp.

Here is the recap of the significant events in My Hero Academia Chapter 401! Now, let’s begin inspecting the latest chapter spoilers!

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 Spoilers:

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 spoilers and raw scans reveal that the title of the chapter will be “The Tearful Day.” It begins with Ochako and Shoto on the ground as the cops report that they have done their jobs to put an end to Dabi and Toga’s massacre.

All of Twice’s clones have also vanished from the U.A.

Hatsume reports that with the vanishing of Twice’s clones, the U.A. will be able to float again. Deku is fighting Shigaraki to keep him away from the U.A. and only using close combat.

But now, AFO is also arriving at their location.

AFO plans to use the gloop warp to call Tomura closer and receive the synthetic copy of All For One’s quirk to conclude the long-anticipated body swap.

All Might try to taunt AFO, but he says he plans to complete his plans first.

AFO uses the gloop warp, and the goo starts to release from Shigaraki’s mouth, but he closes it.

AFO understands that Shigaraki’s consciousness is strong enough not to switch to Plan B, which also consists of grabbing All Might by his leg and sending him flying towards Deku and Shigaraki.

He calls All Might responsible for putting his idiotic dreams in Deku’s head, and now he has a price to pay.

Cutting to the fight between Deku and Tomura, he is teasing Deku that he needs to save All Might, and when he goes to save him, Tomura will kill everyone at the U.A.

All Might reminisce about his past, and the chapter cuts back to the conversation between him and Deku, where he passes down his dreams to him.

All Might then grabs AFO’s neck with the arm that still has some armor on.

AFO remembers Nana’s face as All Might is choking him and remembers that Nana once told him All Might will kill him, as Toshinori is much crazier than him.

All Might ask AFO that if he dies one more time, he will become an infant, right? The chapter ends with the gauntlet exploding on AFO’s neck.

There will be a break next week.

Where To Read?

My Hero Academia chapter 402 will be released on October 1, 2023, at Midnight AM JST.

The upcoming chapter of the series will be published on the Manga Plus app and Viz Media’s website. Please support the series by reading it on the official sources and purchasing a copy if it is available in your area since that motivates the author to craft more great stories like this!

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