My Hero Academia Chapter 405 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Bakugou Takes on All For One!

The conclusion of the My Hero Academia manga series draws near, as the immaculate fight between All Might and Deku is heading to an end.

My Hero Academia Chapter 405 spoilers

Since the past few chapters, the situation of the series has been unpredictable, and the release schedule has been a wreck due to Horikoshi sensei’s poor health.

However, the series is returning this week with no break! The previous chapter was pretty stunning for everyone as both Deku and Bakugou are on their way to save All Might from the grasp of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki.

In this article, we will be discussing the spoilers of the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia, which have arrived so far, in detail.

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of Rukasu on Twitter/X!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 405 Spoilers & Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 405 will be titled “Final Boss” and begins with All Might and Nighteye standing on a white background.

With the fortunate turn of events, Nighteye confirms that this was the gruesome death he foresaw in his mind, but All Might manage to change his fate!

All Might smiles and laughingly says that the job of a mentor is to die and let his disciples take care of the rest.

Nighteye calls All Might by his full name and says that it is just a comic-book archetype and that heroes are humans who do not die that easily.

Continuing from the previous chapter, Bakugou and All Might land on a building. Two kids comment on his explosion quirk, and the other remaining civilians remember Bakugou from the sports festival.

All Might asks Bakugou if he is alright, to which Bakugou replies, “Right back at you.”

Bakugou spits out blood, and a tiny Edgeshot comes out of his chest. He says he made Bakugou spit out the blood that was accumulated in his chest.

Edgeshot used his body to heal his broken bones but felt an excruciating pain.

Edgeshot reveals that it was not him who brought Bakugou back to life. As he fixed Bakugou’s broken bones, his heart was not beating.

A drop of sweat dropped in his heart, and it exploded, which caused his heart to beat again.

Bakugou starts walking and asks who the hell is that baby? (Talking about AFO’s child form.) Without thinking, he attacked the baby anyway as he guessed through the circumstances that the baby was AFO.

All Might confirm that it is indeed AFO and asks Bakugou to draw near.

All Might gives his death gauntlet, the support item that replicates Bakugou’s quirk, to Bakugou, and he smiles.

AFO is looking at Bakugou, but thinks this is a waste of time. He needs to transfer a copy of his quirk to Tomura, but his anger is getting the best of him.

AFO thinks that the wind should be blowing at him. Bakugou appears next to AFO and says that he’s the final boss. AFO remembers the second user of One For All again. Bakugou claims that he is here to candle what Deku could not.

The chapter ends with Bakugou declaring war with AFO! No break next week! The series will continue with the upcoming installment.

My Hero Academia is available to read on the Viz Media and Mangaplus app/websites.

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