My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers: All Might Lives!

Wednesday has arrived, and as is the norm, My Hero Academia chapter 404 spoilers have surfaced online.

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 spoilers

After more than 500 days of waiting, the My Hero Academia manga series surprised every fan with a return of their favorite character last week, Bakugou. For the past few weeks, MHA has been going on consistent breaks due to the poor conditions of Horikoshi-sensei.

Now, it seems Horikoshi-sensei is finally recovering! My Hero Academia Chapter 404 will be arriving next week without any delays.

In the past few chapters, the situation between All Might and All For One is heading toward a conclusion, and the odds for All Might are not plausible. AFO has gained the upper hand in the battle and is on the verge of killing All Might.

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia Chapter 404 will be titled “We Love you! All Might!” and begins with a flashback of Nighteye’s “Cruel Death” foresight while All For One holds All Might in his arms.

Almost everyone in the world who is supporting All Might is watching his battle and living their lives. A farmer has already given up on All Might, but the majority still supports him. A dog-human does not want All Might to lose and die in his fight.

Meryl, the U.S. weather report lady, says the air current is acting weird and extraordinarily strong. Meryl shows the leaves that have been teased in the past few chapters. Bakugou stands and flies directly towards Deku.

Deku and Bakugou are holding each other’s hands and begin spinning mid-air, a similar move in the hero-rising movie.

The second user tells Deku that if he uses Gear Shift once again, it will exhaust him further. Deku uses it on Bakugou either way and sends him flying.

Sadly, All Might’s vestige is gradually fading away. Shigaraki smiles at Deku and Bakugou and says Bakugou will not make it in time to save All Might.

He knows that the All Might vestige inside One for All has vanished, and a new one has appeared, similar to the previous users of OFA.

The chapter reveals the new vestige. Shigaraki says that the man who brought dreams into this world is set to bring the real world back.

The winds in that certain area get even more robust, and a narration begins. The narration talks about everyone who prayed for the success of All Might.

Returning to Nighteye’s flashback, he talks about how everyone’s “Wishing Energy” changed the future. Enter the beautiful spread! Everyone is watching their fight and praying as Bakugou arrives from the sky.

He remembers how his guilt swallowed him up for being the one who ended All Might, but not this time! Bakugou arrives and instantly explodes AFO’s arms and takes All Might away. The vestige returns to look like the old one, and All Might acknowledges Bakugou’s return.

The chapter ends with Bakugou claiming they will be the victor of this massive war.

No break next week! My Hero Academia will return with chapter 405 next week, and it will be available to read on the Mangaplus app/website and Viz Media’s website.

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