My Hero Academia – UA Traitor Finally Revealed?!

With this week’s upcoming My Hero Academia 336th chapter and its current leaks, it seems that MHA fans owe a certain hero an apology. That’s right! I’m talking about UA class 1-A student, Hagakure, AKA, the Invisible Girl.

For those who don’t understand what is going, I would direct you to go read both My Hero Academia chapter 365, titled, ‘Zygotes.’ As well as our most recent article here on Anime Senpai, where we discuss spoilers for this week’s upcoming chapter. Once you read those two come on back here and everything will click.


This is your one and final warning before we jump into some heavy spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga as a whole. So if you want to remain unspoiled I would highly suggest you click away now.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into it!

Who Is The Traitor

With all this teasing towards the traitor you may be wondering, who is it? Well, it’s actually someone we readers are pretty familiar with, especially since he has been theorized as the traitor way back since episode 80 of the anime series.

If you haven’t realized who I’m talking about by now I’ll put it simply. The UA class 1-A traitor is, Yuga Aoyama, AKA The Shining Hero. Ever since he was seen watching our hero as he sleeps and sending messages to him via cheese, (don’t ask). Fans have kept this student pretty high up there with other potential suspects from the class.

However, it seems that Aoyama is not betraying them out of villainy or malice, but rather he has a genuine reason, as can be seen in leaked panels for the upcoming 336th chapter of MHA. In these panels, Aoyama has tears streaming down his face as he sees Midoriya watching him. Aoyama explains his situation to Midoriya and Hagakure while crying. His story seems to be something about being born quirkless then getting one from AFO in exchange to spy for him. We will get much more info on why Aoyama decided to betray in chapter 336 which will be released officially, Dec 5, 2021.

Traitor Theories

This is not in fact the first time the word traitor has been up in the air with the MHA fandom. In fact, since the initial chapter where it is claimed, there might be a traitor in UA, fans have been guessing and putting their own theories out there.

Most of these theorists were quick to jump on Hagakure after chapter 335’s fake-out. Providing loads of evidence as to why the Invincible Girl was the traitor. People were quick to point out the heroes, pink and over “girly” room as well as her strange behavior. Many pointed to when she invited the class to the mall and they accidentally ran into Shigaraki, as proof.

However, since she was proven to not be the traitor, these theories are invalid. Meaning that most of the MHA fandom owes the invisible hero an apology. Aside from Hagakure, there were many other students theorized to be the traitor, that are now proven innocent. One of the most popular of these traitor theories was, Denki Kaminari. Who has been theorized as the traitor for years.

With the mole now confirmed fans of Denki Kaminari, and other characters can finally rest easy. Well unless you are an Aoyama fan, then you should reconsider who your favorite character is.

Where To Read

As mentioned above the upcoming chapter releases officially on Sunday, December 5th, 2021. You can read the series officially and for free on both and Manga Plus. Please do read the series officially, as this supports both the author and the series.

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