My Villain Academia Begins Next Week

Probably the most anticipated My Hero Academia arc is finally premiering from next week. After so many delays, switching arcs arounds and having filler episodes, fans can’t wait any longer for My Villain Academia arc to begin.

You may ask what this arc is about? Why fans are so hyped up about this? Meta Liberation Army Arc is the sixteenth story arc in My Hero Academia League of Villains will be the protagonist and the title of the anime shifts to “My Villain Academia”

Preview Images

At the end of todays episode, a preview was shown for the next episode which confirmed that My Villain Academia arc will be starting form next episode

Credit: Funimation
Credit: Funimation
Credit: Funimation

Premiere Date And Time

My Hero Academia episode 20 which is the start of My Villain Academia arc will premiere on August 21. Here is the exact time on which episode will premiere:

  • Pacific Time (US & Canada) : 1:30 AM
  • Phillipines Time : 4:30 PM
  • India Time: 2:00 PM

My Hero Academia is a popular manga series which was adapted into anime by Studio Bones. Both manga and anime have received overwhelming positive response in Japan as well as overseas. A new movie titled “My Hero Academia: World Heroes” is currently in cinemas all across Japan.

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